"Modern design that honors the past" this is the new collection that J.V. José Varón presents at Babykid Spain + FIMI

30/11/-0001 - Fimi Winter

J.V. Jose Varón, a Spanish children's fashion brand that has more than 40 years in the infant and baby textile sector, presents its new IO 20/21 collection.
True to its renewed classic style, this season claims the slogan "modern design that honors the past", using organic cotton and recycled polyester fabrics, joining the commitment to productive sustainability.
It uses retro-inspired and scattered floral prints, to which multicolored classic paintings and the Prince of Wales add, which can be seen so much in the winter months. With fabrics like tweed, he proposes feminized looks, clearing questions when dressing girls on special days.
The color range extends from the warm tones of the sunset, the discordant and attractive sophistication of the red and pink to risk and the flattering neutral colors.
As for the designs, the inspiration of the classics is enriched with frills, dresses with greater volume or large necks for the retro versions. As a key pledge of "the studied community", sweatshirts and flattering bibs are basic, but with an air of tendency for the little ones.