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Over 25 years of AMAZONAS®,
over 20 years of AMAZONAS® Baby World
The roots of AMAZONAS® Baby World
“20 years ago I was fortunate enough to become a father, and I had the deep desire to provide my daughter with a secure environment. I remembered what I had learned from the indigenous people when I travelled through South America. Every indigenous baby that I encountered also slept in a hammock, either alone or with their parents. During the day they were always carried around in a simple sling. I rarely heard a baby cry or came across a baby which had difficulty sleeping.
All these positive experiences have continued to shape me in Germany and so I developed a baby hammock for my daughter. Shortly thereafter, the first sling followed, with which I could give my daughter as much physical closeness as possible and the feeling of soft boundaries and security.
Since then, we have had input from midwives, baby carrying experts and paediatricians and have learned a great deal. In our Munich office, we have continuously improved our baby hammocks and carrying systems and further developed them with the same focus on health, naturalness, and safety.
I am particularly pleased that since then we have enabled many parents to a more natural life with their babies.“
Matthias Saul, CEO
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Plaza Urquinaona, 6 Planta 13 - B - 08010
Barcelona (Barcelona) - Spain
Contact person: Jordi Balius
Phone: 699570211