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FIMI - B104

Energiers was founded in 1981 in Thessaloniki by Mr Knis Athanasios & Mrs Knis Efthalia.The company’s main field of activity is the design,production and distribution childrens’s clothes.The product portfolio consists of 3 age ranges, both for boys & girls:

Newborn:0-18 m

Junior:1-5 years old

Kids:6-16 years old.

In total Energiers develops 800 styles per season covering all categories and activities of children’s life (Casual Line-Sports Line-Boutique line-Basic Line-Nightwear-Swimwear & beach accessories).

From design to development,Energiers has the ability and the facilities to maintain a high level of clothing quality for all its collections.With 3 different locations (Anthokipon, Riga Feraiou, Peiraios),spread in 6 floors and 5,600sq.m. in total, our commitment to quality sewn textile products shows through the entire process.From pattern drafting to cut, sewing and ironing,and from material sourcing to order picking -quality control’s final stage,everything takes place in our facilities,which are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery,in order to meet the market’s current demands

In recent years with the incorporation of the second generation,there has been a rapid growth of the company creating an extensive network of 400 wholesale affiliates and 20 corporate stores.Nowadays,Energiers SA has a leading position in the field of children’s clothing and built firm foundations and a strong reputation thanks to the excellent combination of the top quality of its products,its unique service and its optimal price policy.



21, Riga Fereou 21 Efkarpia Thessaloniki - 564 29
(Thessaloniki) - Greece
Contact person: Knis Christos
Phone: 00302310686540