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Today Brevi Milano SPA has consolidated its presence in 58 countries across the world with a range of over 200 childcare  products from birth to 3 years of age. Brevi Milano SPA focuses on every aspect of a child’s growth: going out for a stroll, baby care, playtime, relaxing at home, and travelling in the car. We at Brevi Milano SPA explore every aspect of the relationship between parents and their children. This allows us to provide excellent design products with full attention to your baby’s comfort and safety. International markets have recognised our identity, which has remained consistent over time and can be summarised in the dynamic balance between quality and passion.

Brevi Milano SPA has always been ahead of time with its innovative solutions, choice of materials, functionality, and style. And this is what we continue to do, because we have never stopped observing how tastes and needs change over time. In a fast-paced world, families need products that can meet their current needs at any time. Smart and colourful objects with a unique personality and many functions. Contemporary design inspired by life, created by the Brevi Milano SPA Style Centre. Because childcare products must be comfortable and safe, but also beautiful to meet consumers’growing interest in design. This is why Brevi Milano SPA is proud to develop research projects dedicated to ergonomics, paying special attention to aesthetics.

Via Lombardia 15/17 - 24060
Telgate (Bergamo) - Italy
Contact person: Alex Darriba
Phone: +34683339806