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We design timeless pieces that are wearable across seasons. By adding unique designs and new garments throughout the year we are challenging the traditional seasonal approach.

For Who

We design for Babies and toddlers ages zero to three. 

How does it work

To launch our label we created an Essentials collection. It consists of six pieces, three tops and three bottoms. Using Organic and certified fabrics we created these quality pieces to last.

The essential collection defines our basics in which we may vary from time to time keeping the top items and adding new pieces throughout the year. 

We have also created a Crafts collection. This will feature unique limited pieces with a full focus on sustainability and quality. These pieces tell a story which you can share by owning it, wearing it and loving it!

Why this approach

Because we can make an impact. We believe that however small a brand, we are able to contribute to a better environment. Being strong believers in the circular economy we want to do things better.

Huidevetterstraat 11 - 2275
Wechelderzande (Antwerp) - Belgium
Contact person: Jennifer Van Litsenborg
Phone: 0032498683339