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Nekenia, is a children's design firm that was born in 2011, backed by more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

The designs and creations Nekenia is aimed at boys and girls aged between 3 months and this year we have introduced in some models sizes up to 18 years. It is marketed in two collections a year: spring-summer and autumn-winter.

Our product line is characterized by a differentiated, exclusive and at the same time elegant design, with high quality fabrics at competitive prices, always standing out for its own printing designs, which reach different parts of the world.

Satisfied with our continued growth, both in the national market and in international markets, we have a presence in countries such as the United Kingdom, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Portugal, Algeria, Nigeria, Russia, Belgium, Colombia, and we continue working with new projects. Nationwide, Nekenia is present in numerous outlets spread throughout the geography.

This year Nekenia is still betting on its new Nekenia Girls line, in which it has been designed with the girls in the shift towards their teens but still out of fashion for women.

Nekenia, has maintained its essence with its models and also wanted to continue betting on fluid fabrics with simple shapes that seek versatility when it comes to dressing in children's fashion, maintaining characteristic models of the brand being widely accepted already in previous campaigns.


Fraternidad, 28 - 41630
Lantejuela (Sevilla) - Spain
Contact person: INMACULADA VERA
Phone: 954-828434