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FIMI - E46

Embracing Slow Making | Chapter II – Knits | Play up X The olive trees and the moon

With this collection arrives the second chapter of our collaboration with the new generation of Portuguese artists and creators. Their work inspires us by the ability to cross the techniques of artisan production with nowadays aesthetics, resulting in unique creations.

We have chosen the art of Knitting for its ancestry and timelessness and because this act has become a true manifesto. There are huge groups dedicated to this theme, as well as communities that gather in order to knit.

While knitting, we develop an abstract creation process that, leads us to our most inner self, and, at the same time, requires time, dedication and patience. Repetitive movements give a relaxation sense and well-being, and the generosity of hours spent in a garment results in valuable creations.

Catarina Seixas, author of "the olive trees and the moon", is our invited artisan to collaborate in the current collection. Catarina found in the knitting and in the Portuguese wool the material to give genuine expression to her lifestyle in local contact with nature, registering it through her photographic vision. Her work led us to know better this art, having been crucial to our patterns design, colours and raw materials selection.

With this collection, we continue to grow our range of environmental friendly products.
We continue to increase our range of models in organic cotton and the exclusive use of raw materials free of harmful substances. All the dyes used are based on natural pigments and, as a novelty, we have the introduction of garments composed by recycled materials.

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