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FIMI - E46

Embracing Slow Making | Chapter III – Weaving| Play up X Rita Sevilha


Continuing the search for the ancestral arts that we so much admire, it’s time to launch the third chapter of our collaboration with Portuguese artists and creators. It has been an intense and stimulating process of discovery! By learning and developing the know-how that characterizes our cultural heritage, we believe that we can make a humble contribution to its preservation at the same time that we provide a unique ID to our collections.

The art that inspires us in this chapter is the weaving. Talking about manual weaving nowadays, is defying the industrialization and the production paces. The art of intertwining yarns in a cadence that runs counter to the speed of contemporary society is a mindfullness tool that focuses our attention on the here and now. More than making fabric, Weaving is to give identity and authenticity to a textile product, is to create a unique piece that results from centuries of research, is to raise simplicity.

Rhythm, form, techniques, materials and textures are some of the concepts that, together with aesthetics and experiences, allow us to explore this art in so many different ways. In the end, it leads each piece to be intimately linked to the one who wove and makes it therefore unique and unrepeatable.

Our invited artist is Rita Sevilha, a sea lover graduated in architecture. The apparent simplicity of her pieces reveal a distinguished character derived from confronting a rigorous practice with the use of natural fibres and numerous materials collected from the nature.

In this collection, we reinforce our commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle, stating with pride that all the raw materials are made with natural fibres, favouring the use of organic cotton. We care about social responsibility and, for this reason, we are also proud to ensure that our entire supply chain follows the values of fair trade.


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